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“An Auto-Ethnogrpahic Study of Open Dialogue: The Illumination of Snow”

“Congratualtions on an excellent piece of writing, documenting an excellent adventure. This is the best paper I have read in my role as a reviewer for Family Process. You have, in clear, compelling, and unusually graceful language brought together an informed and informative critique of the economics and politics of mental health care in the US, a history of systemic/relational/ecological/dialogical developments in family therapy, a conscise overview of “Open Dialogue,” and the relevant episodes of your personal narrative. I’d like to see an appropriately adapted version of this in “The Atlantic” or ‘The New York Review of Books” or some such place. I’m excited and inspired as I type these words. You have pierced my cynicism and doubt with a substantial ray of hope.”

Lead Reviewer of Family Process


Madness Radio: Open Dialogue Alternative Mary Olson


The document, “The Key Elements of Dialogic Practice in Open Dialogue” (Olson, Seikkula, Ziedonis, 2014).


The International Network for the Treatment of Psychoses, founded by Tom Andersen
National Empowerment Center
Open Dialogical Practices


IDP-Trained Community-Based Open Dialogue Teams in the United States

Advocates, Inc.
Framingham, Massachusetts.
Contact: Christopher Gordon, M.D. Medical Director
cgordon@advocatesinc.org or 508-628-6652
Brenda Miele Soares, LICSW, Director of Psychiatric Rehabilitation bmiele@advocatesinc.org or 508-628-6300

Counseling Service of Addison County
89 Main Street
Middlebury, Vermont 05753
(802) 388-6751
Contact: Alexander Smith, M.A.. Director of Community Rehabilitation and Treatment Services. asmith@csac-vt.org

The Boston Dialogic Center


Lynn Hoffman, Aliveness and the Timeless Way of Helping

Trailer for “OPEN DIALOGUE” An Alternative Finnish Approach to Healing Psychosis

Peter Rober’s final speech in Leuven 2013

Chimamanda Adichie and “The Danger of a Single Story”

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faculty The Institute is the only North American teaching facility that specializes in providing world-class training in Open Dialogue and Dialogic Practice delivered by the field’s leading experts and developers.

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It felt like a privilege to be here. To have access to your (Mary’s) knowledge and passion for Open Dialogue and the minds and experience of Markku and Jaakko over this last year has inspired a great deal of hope for the future of people needing the love and understanding contained in this beautiful practice.

Keith Scott,

Level I Graduate – IDP

Director of Recovery and Peer Support Advocates, Inc.