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  • Talk Therapy Found to Ease Schizophrenia

    “These are zeitgeist ideas, and I think it’s thrilling that this trial got such good results,” Dr. Olson said.

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  • Introductory Intensive in Dialogic Practice:

    Please join us in New York City for our next, high popular five-day introductory intensive training in Dialogic Practice. The sessions will be led by Mary Olson, PhD and Nazlim Hagmann, MD. Check back for the new dates.

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  • Keynote

    In addition to teaching at the Institute, Mary Olson, Ph.D. is an accomplished presenter who frequently speaks on Open Dialogue and Dialogic Practice to fellow therapists, university professors and students.

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  • Level I Training in Dialogic Practice

    Please check back for our 2017 Training in Dialogic Practice course. Training dates for the 2017 will  be posted as soon as possible:

    – Module 1:  Spring  
    – Module 2:  Summer
    Module 3:  Fall
    – Module 4:  Winter

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  • Creating a Shared Language Through Dialogic Practice

    Dialogic Practice is an innovative approach to psychotherapy that emphasizes listening carefully to what people say so that they feel heard, respected, and validated. This conversation, or dialogue, is not “about” the person, but is instead a way of “being with” the person and living through the situation together.

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  • Open Dialogue is the Radically Altered Version of the Treatment Meeting

    As soon as possible in a given situation, the team gathers everyone connected to the crisis. There are no separate staff meetings to talk about the “case.” Rather, all discussion and any decisions about medication and hospitalization take place with everyone present.

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  • Training Programs

    The Institute for Dialogic Practice provides a variety of training programs in New York City at the Society for Ethical Culture, located at 2 West 64th Street across from Central Park. These trainings range from the highly popular 5-day introductory intensive to a three-year certification course.

    All emphasize Open Dialogue as a social network approach to crisis work, as well as Dialogic Practice with individuals, couples, families and organizations.  Please check back for upcoming listings.

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About the Institute

The only North American teaching facility that specializes in providing world-class training in Open Dialogue and Dialogic Practice delivered by the field’s leading experts and developers.

Open Dialogue

Open Dialogue is an innovative approach to acute psychiatric crises developed by Jaakko Seikkula, Markku Sutela and their multidisciplinary team at Keropudas Hospital in Tornio, Finland.

Dialogic Practice

Dialogic Practice is a client-centered form of psychotherapy that aims to be responsive to the needs of the whole person – rather than simply treating his or her symptoms.

Training Courses

Located at our state-of-the-art training facility for Finnish Open Dialogue and dialogical therapy in the serene New England countryside outside Northampton, Massachusetts.